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Howdy? XD

It's a been a long time since last time I posted something (fic, to be exact) here.
Time flies quite fast, huh?
Feels like yesterday when I stepped my foot on the campus for the first time, turned into a perverted college-fangirl on the following years...and now here I am. Metamorphed into a perverted office lady.
Okay, no significant changes detected.

Sadly, this perverted OL is waaaay too absorbed into her job. But the good thing is she's still an Arashian. With so many ideas of Arashi's office-AU and office-romance and office-smut in her head.

It's a matter of time...
When her overloaded-brain will explode all the fangirl madness later.


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long time no post something about RL here. XD
All that I could do with this account are checking for the news feed whether it's for ff-updates or arashi-related-files that are ready to be downloaded. Or dumping my random imaginations. lol.

Anyway, life goes well lately. Thank God! ♥
Just wanna share that I'm officially graduated as Bachelor of Accountancy! *insert agepoyo here* *maximum high tension*
after such a tiring process of forcing my brain to digest something that I'm not really interested for 3.5 years and....yeah, I made it!!
I tend to feel damn nervous when I'm about to do something but I felt abnormally relax that day, especially when I did the presentation of my thesis yet the comprehensive oral test was....oh well. XDD
even one of the examiner said that he could look me in the eyes that I was mad enough and ready to kill him soon. lol

Well I won't be tired to thank God as much as I can for such an abundant bless. I'm surrounded by such a great people; my beloved family and friends, they always give me a lot of support, great times, and I won't be able to through these all without them.

Can't wait for the graduation ceremony.
Counting down to March 25, 2014.
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Have you felt so painful in your chest right when you're about to make a decision in your life?
Have you felt so hard to move on?
Have you tried to hold your tears and keep smiling in front of person that you love so much?

That's exactly what happened to me, yesterday.

I've been in love with this guy since I was in 8th grade of junior high.
He's my best friend.
We used to fooling and joking around back then.
Our classmates used to pair us and I got irritated easily because of it.
It's not because of feeling ashamed.....but I was so scared that he would know that I'm in love with him, actually.
Our first date was in October 7, 2007. I was in 10th grade of high school.
We watched a movie and hung out together, yet I still had no courage to confess everything.
Until finally I decided to tell him and we started to date in December 13, 2007.
Then I realized that I'm nothing compare to him.
He's popular, charming, and he has everything, yet I'm just a nerd, too ordinary, and have nothing special at all.
We broke up yet still be friends.
Then we dated again few years later, but it ended after 3 months.
I'm just an old friend of him who secretly keeping my love and let it be hidden.
I'd been trying so hard to forget him but I couldn't.

But now....I have promise to my self that I should let it go.
My feelings.
All conveyed in a jar of chocolate-peanut-cookies I gave for his 20th birthday, yesterday.
I tried to hold my tears while I made it and gave it to him.
When he said that he loves the cookies, I was incredibly happy.
Until now. Actually.
I'm happy that at least I'd made a sweet farewell and try to make a new start.
Even it tastes bittersweet, I've done my best to move on.
I'm wishing all the best for his life and mine, always.
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doumo....misa de~su! ♪
it's been a long time since i post my xmas drabble here.

well, recently i've been busy with school-thingy, part-time job, and ARASHI! ^o^
yes...i got ARASHI-fied in last 2 months and thanks a lot to my sister, now i'm in love with a dork named Aiba Masaki. XDDDD
and i'm soooooooo desperate to visit his house (and chinese restaurant) soon! *wakuwaku*
> <

anyway, next week will be tough for me, since i gotta face final for this semester.
i'll do my best to study hard and do the test well, but i don't wanna push my self too hard. as usual. (^^)v

see....i'm talking pointless again. XD
also hope that my [Your Eyes] single will arrive ASAP!

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昨日、ジョグジャカルタへ行きました!めっちゃうれしかったんだ~ ♪
I visited Parangtritis Beach, Borobudur Temple in Muntilan, East Java (it's one of world's heritage site by UNESCO, and I've never been there before...that's why i was sooooo excited!!), and had a short-shopping-time at Malioboro Square because the weather was bad; rainy and so cold! > <


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just wanna share about NEWS' profile @ Johnny's Net that has been updated today.

NEWS' new look. they're all look maturer and awesome, eh? ♥____♥

...and this is their new profile pics. i got a direct love-struck because of Massu's pic!! =3

more pics of 4-nin from the latest issue of magz

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just wanna share some papapics from TegoMassu No Mahou concert in Asty Tokushima [October 22-23, 2011] that i got from Twitter, few hours ago!! *jumps*

Tegoshi Yuya in WHITE!! tenshi mitai na~ *____*

Massu-ouji!! and i loooooove the teddy-parka~ ♥♥♥

KAWAIIIII~ *faints*
hell yeah, he looks great in black tank top. tegoshi. even he's still....SLIM. XDD

okay, that enough for this time!!! XDD
*still drooling over the papapics*
these spoilers of TegoMassu No Mahou concert has been made me getting impatient to watch their latest concert DVD later!!
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This time, i just wanna share my comments about my favorite tracks in this new-album. Firstly, i didn’t expect that the songs’ concept will be so ‘new’ and ‘fresh’ than on their previous album. Well…yeah, it suppose to be released at Oct 19, 2011….but blame (or we should say, THANKS A LOT) to those netter that already got the whole mp3-tracks of this album and uploaded it! even i already ordered the LE-CD, but still…i can’t hold my self not to download. LOLOL XDD

okay, review….START!

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Oct. 8th, 2011 02:05 am
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i.....don't know what i'm gonna say right now, about this BAD NEWS that i got from Yahoo Japan.

Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo's withdrawal from NEWS.

firstly, i thought that it was another 'cheap rumor' that always appears on the magz...but i realized that if it's kind of a cheap rumor, it wouldn't be posted at Yahoo Japan's news.
Well...even it's quite painful for us, NEWS' fans, but i'll do my best to accept and face the truth.
but still, i have no idea about Yamapi. that son of a bitch.

and i agree with this statement, that i'd found on Twitter (and i also retweeted it)

and this is what i got from NEWS' profile @ Johnny's Net.

what a bittersweet weekend.
i hope this is gonna be the ending of these NEVER ENDING WORST STORIES.
i'll keep supporting those guys...KoyaShige X TegoMassu.
i wish all the best for u guys!!! >____<
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damn pissed-off lately.

will i always be the one whom get ignored all the time? well yeah...if they don't like me at all, just tell it directly and i'll go away leh.

so sick to be the ignored one. it's like i'm gonna spend all my time to talk alone with the wall, huh? ;____;

i'm the one who always try to be a good listener, but no one would let his/her time to be spent to hear me. they always want to be understood, but they never let me to be understood....even just for a second.


so what should i do?

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the latest PV from TegoMassu, "Mahou No Melody" released today!!!!

cuteness overload!!! *_____*

Tegoshi....how could you be so beautiful like that?! 0____0

this is my fave scene from this PV. they really looks like a couple..... *_____* ♥♥♥

and.....i'm gonna share to y'all a preview from Potato Magazine, for TegoMassu No Mahou's booklet-photoshoot!!

then, let see how cute these guys, playing some magic tricks like a kiddie!! ♥♥♥♥

more lovey-dovey pic from Tegomassu~ ♥_____♥

okay....i'm on my HYPER MODE right now, and i dunno what i'm going to say later. XDDD

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P.S. : “Ababil” is an Indonesian-slang for labile-minded teenager. 

We all had passed those labile-moments in our life, right? LOL
Maybe it’ll be sounds cheesy though…but whatever lah. XD
i’ll share one of my ‘ababil’ memory when i was on early-time of High School. fufufu~ =3

i was in love with my ex that time. well, he was my best friend at
junior high…and i decided to confess my feeling toward him, a few weeks
right after we graduated. i’d passed almost a years as his date (we were
too close to be told as friend, but we hadn’t have any specific words
to describe our relationship status that time. LOL)…and thank God i made
it!! or i’m gonna kill him if he reject me. he said that he’s in love with me that time too, but he’s too chickened-out to confess.

i didn’t expect that i would be in love with a guy whom even had no guts to tell “I love you” to me. hahahaha~ XDDD
okay, let’s continue the story.

well…this cheesy-moment happened on October 10th 2007 (if i’m notwrong), almost 4 years ago. the weather was damn-terrible that time. too hot, too bright, and too stupid for a couple to go out and having their 1st date. actually, it’s kinda “sudden-date” for us; we had a plan to go watching movie with some friends, but they refused to go…well, i knew that my friends did it on purpose. bad kiddies. LOL XD

i was so excited and nervous, quite confused about which clothes should i wear or what should i do with my hair that time. then when everything’s ready, i walked to the bus-stop near to my house…around 15 minutes by walk actually, not so near. he promised me that he would come at 10.30 AM. it’s my habit to arrive 10 minutes earlier than the appointment time, so i waited for him calmly.

10 minutes passed, but he hadn’t shown in front of me yet. okay, maybe he would come late for 5 minutes. BUT HE CAME LATE FOR ALMOST 20 MINUTES LATE. it means that i’d waited for him for almost 30 minutes. well, you can imagine how mad i was that time. but still, since he did his best to dress up that time…i could forgive him easily lah~

btw, i feel like i’m the guy, and he’s my girlfriend. LMAO, weird.

the things went not so good. since it was our first date, we decided not to talk too much on our way to the cinema…or we were too shy to admit it. he started to talk a lil bit, try to bring some topics for convo, but when the ideas were ran out from our head…we went silent again. so stupid, huh? XD

thank God that the mall (the cinema is in the 3rd floor of that mall) isn’t far enough, so we could watch the movie and try to break the silence with some chit-chat on the cinema. we decided to watch “Resident Evil 3: Apocalypse” that time. pretty good movie to watch on my first date, i think. ^^

after the movie finished, we took a walk around the mall and talked about a lot of new things that we got as a freshman on high school. we actually went for a same high school’s entrance exam, but i accepted and he’s not. that’s why we separated and i missed him so much, that time.

overall, my first date was quite good. i had fun, and i knew that i blushed too much that day. LOL XD. we went home by bus again, and then we walked together and had a lot of interesting convo, til we separated to our own way home.

uwaaaah…that’s a cute thing to remember, for me! ^o^

even we’re still to shy to hold our hands to each other, but still…i think that’s a sweet thing that i had on my teenager-time. XD
well, we’re broke up already. but thank God that we’re still friends. i mean best friends. he’s one of my precious friend ever.
thank God that i have him on my life. =D

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KonbanNYAN!! (p=^3^=)p
i just wanna share some pics that i got from SKK-FEB UNAIR Welcome Party 2011.
i really love the location for this fun-camp...so beautiful! ^_^
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Konbanwa...or ohayou?
LOL, whatever! it's 01.10 AM now~ XDD

well, honestly i feel damn bored with Twitter, Facebook, even LJ lately.
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OHAYOU!!! \\(^o^)//

almost 2 AM right now, and i still don't know what to do. #headbang
i just finished my assignments, have a lil chit-chat with my junior high buddy on Twitter, and i'm still waiting for the vid that i download right now. tsumaranai na~ > <
nothing special happened lately, but it seems like i enjoy my real life more than before. thank God that i feel comfortable with my classmates, i have no prob of making friends like i used to do, and even the campus-life is quite tough actually...but if i feel enjoy of it, i'm sure that i'll get the good result at the end.

seriously, what am i talking right now? i read some sentences that i just typed and i don't get it at all. LOL

ah...i lost my appetite too lately. i'm getting thinner now, and it seems like the sh*tty probs in my head hadn't finished yet. got a damn-super-huge-pain when i get stressed too much.
wish that i'll be just fine. *crossing finger*

okay, that's all from me today.
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今晩は ! ミサです。^ ^
皆は元気? ^0^

long time no update....
御免! m(_ _)m
the school assignments start to 'flowing' over me, and i think i'm able enough to swim into it. LOL
*ironic laugh*
well, of course i have no time for fangirling again. >.<
*pats my self*

btw, what's up with JE-boys lately?
i heard that they'll form a special unit for charity project.
wish all the best for it!
愉しみ〜 :D

actually, i'm busy of many things lately.
campus organizations, university and church's choir, assignments, and arranging flowers!! XD
i even took a class to learn about it.
gah...i just knew that arranging flower's not easy like everyone think!
but it's fun though. ^ ^

here's mine. it's still looked so messy! but i'd done my best and put all of my effort. LOL XDD

and i'm still doing my 'old-activities',
take some random snapshots on my campus. teehee~ xP

took a pic of 3rd floor's corridor. @ campus.

me, drawing Patrick Star!! XDD

long time no draw. then i decided to draw a bad sketch in the mid of the Statistics' class.
bad college-student. XD

could you believe that i wrote this one? even my friends told me that i'm kidding.
it's written,
"But now, i don't really like Tegoshi Yuya kun."

Well....that's all for this time~ ^ ^
please remind me to post something again in here, or i'll forget and neglecting my LJ like before again!

jaa, mata.


Mar. 11th, 2011 11:54 pm
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konbanwa. misa desu.

i brought you a bad news today.

there's an earthquake and tsunami on Japan this noon.
at 02.49 PM, if i'm not mistake.
8.9 magnitude.
that's same worse like tsunami on Aceh, few years ago.

a lot of people are homeless, lost their family, and hopeless now.
including me.
i wouldn't be able to know about it, if my friends didn't text me or call me that time.
i woke up suddenly from my afternoon-nap and watched the tv immediately.
i really hope that it's just a nightmare, but i'm wrong.
it's not a nightmare at all.

then i tried to contact my kazoku there.
no response. i'm getting worried.
finally, i'm able to get some news from them via e-mail.

i heard that oyaji's okay, but Ken ji-chan and his son Yusuke (they live in Sendai) were not.
they got some injuries of building's ruins.
the rescue team had saved them, but it's too late for Yusuke.
he'd passed away, today.

may he rest in peace.

jaa, mata.
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konnichiwa. misa desu.

crap, i forgot to post last night! XDDD
blame it to my Nodame Cantabile's DVD, i was kinda too enjoy it til i did my 'DVD-marathon' activity again. LOL.
yeah, i just watched it....for the first time! so late, isn't it? *slap my self*
i love the plots, the musics, and the casts!!
tamaki hiroshi-kun is so damn hot. >O<

i got no class for today, it means that i'll spend my free-time for my beloved PC!! *cries happily*
geez, days without PC made me become a nuts like this~

well, yesterday was so tiring!
i got 3 classes...and the class' schedule is continuous.
you can imagine how tired i was that time. >.<
i got statistics, natural science, and monetary economics!

i even had no time for lunch. thank God i brought a butter bun! ^o^

and as i thought, the statistics class was damn boring! my lecturer explained the topics unclearly, so he sounded like he's talking to him self. LOL, wth~ -______-"

and me....as usual, did my favorite things.
both write the notes and fangirling at the same time. Hihihihi XD

at least i won't get bored in any classes. thank God i put Tegoshi's pics on my note. LOL.

well, that's all from me.
i'll do my best to keep remember to write some posts here, or my LJ will be neglected ASAP.

jaa, mata.

hello~ ;D

Mar. 2nd, 2011 08:40 pm
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konbanwa. misa desu.

long time no post (again) ! LOL

i'm getting tired lately.
the new semester has just begun. i wanna fix my GPA, at least it should be better than before.
ofc because i'll get a bonus-cash if i get a lot of A's
hihihihi~ (^O^)v

btw...i also practice to learn some kanjis recently.
write it in the right strokes is so.....difficult!
i even try to write Tegoshi's full name in kanji too!
the "goshi" word is the hardest part~ >.<

but now, i'm getting fluent to write his name...ohohohoho~ ^3^

LOL, but i write to much Tegoshi on the paper, and it looks like i'm a tego-psycho now!! kowaii~ XDD

well....the 2nd semester is not so bad like i'd thought before.
i met some of my friends here, and i also got many new friends.
they're so kind and funny!
Thank God that i could make friends easily.
you know, i'm an introvert-type...but i'll do my best to be friendly and open-minded now.
hihi ^^

that's all for today! (^^)//

jaa, mata.

OiOi ^ ^

Feb. 27th, 2011 12:35 am
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konbanwa. misa desu.

today was so.....GREAT!

i got a news that shirota yuu had joined Twitter.
OMG....he's my fave actor+model ever! i admire him since i was on my 9th grade, because of Prince Of Tennis - Live Action. Yup, he's my damn-hot-gorgeous Kunimitsu Tezuka!! *dies*  >O<
btw, he'll release an album at 4th......idk, april or may. LOL *fail fangirl*
i'll go check it on @U_and_You again later! XDD

he also tweeted a morning greetings in Indonesian too!! but he did it in the afternoon, idiot. LMAO

oh crap, i started to crazy about him like i did before! XD

anyway, thank God one of my friend on FB (yuya yayun) uploaded pics of NEWS 2011-2012 calendar.
go ahead and check these out!

Tegoshi, go pouts again and i'll kiss you!

this is what we called "Heaven in Earth"....*dies*

he got nice eyes, nice nose, nice lips~ *O*

awawawawaw....i won't get bored to admit that he's much prettier than me. XD


well, that's enough for the ikemen chit-chat. LOL
btw, i'll go with my friend tomorrow. we'll gonna hunt some dvds!! YAAAAY~ \\(^O^)//
i have to make my shopping list ASAP!!

jaa, mata