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P.S. : “Ababil” is an Indonesian-slang for labile-minded teenager. 

We all had passed those labile-moments in our life, right? LOL
Maybe it’ll be sounds cheesy though…but whatever lah. XD
i’ll share one of my ‘ababil’ memory when i was on early-time of High School. fufufu~ =3

i was in love with my ex that time. well, he was my best friend at
junior high…and i decided to confess my feeling toward him, a few weeks
right after we graduated. i’d passed almost a years as his date (we were
too close to be told as friend, but we hadn’t have any specific words
to describe our relationship status that time. LOL)…and thank God i made
it!! or i’m gonna kill him if he reject me. he said that he’s in love with me that time too, but he’s too chickened-out to confess.

i didn’t expect that i would be in love with a guy whom even had no guts to tell “I love you” to me. hahahaha~ XDDD
okay, let’s continue the story.

well…this cheesy-moment happened on October 10th 2007 (if i’m notwrong), almost 4 years ago. the weather was damn-terrible that time. too hot, too bright, and too stupid for a couple to go out and having their 1st date. actually, it’s kinda “sudden-date” for us; we had a plan to go watching movie with some friends, but they refused to go…well, i knew that my friends did it on purpose. bad kiddies. LOL XD

i was so excited and nervous, quite confused about which clothes should i wear or what should i do with my hair that time. then when everything’s ready, i walked to the bus-stop near to my house…around 15 minutes by walk actually, not so near. he promised me that he would come at 10.30 AM. it’s my habit to arrive 10 minutes earlier than the appointment time, so i waited for him calmly.

10 minutes passed, but he hadn’t shown in front of me yet. okay, maybe he would come late for 5 minutes. BUT HE CAME LATE FOR ALMOST 20 MINUTES LATE. it means that i’d waited for him for almost 30 minutes. well, you can imagine how mad i was that time. but still, since he did his best to dress up that time…i could forgive him easily lah~

btw, i feel like i’m the guy, and he’s my girlfriend. LMAO, weird.

the things went not so good. since it was our first date, we decided not to talk too much on our way to the cinema…or we were too shy to admit it. he started to talk a lil bit, try to bring some topics for convo, but when the ideas were ran out from our head…we went silent again. so stupid, huh? XD

thank God that the mall (the cinema is in the 3rd floor of that mall) isn’t far enough, so we could watch the movie and try to break the silence with some chit-chat on the cinema. we decided to watch “Resident Evil 3: Apocalypse” that time. pretty good movie to watch on my first date, i think. ^^

after the movie finished, we took a walk around the mall and talked about a lot of new things that we got as a freshman on high school. we actually went for a same high school’s entrance exam, but i accepted and he’s not. that’s why we separated and i missed him so much, that time.

overall, my first date was quite good. i had fun, and i knew that i blushed too much that day. LOL XD. we went home by bus again, and then we walked together and had a lot of interesting convo, til we separated to our own way home.

uwaaaah…that’s a cute thing to remember, for me! ^o^

even we’re still to shy to hold our hands to each other, but still…i think that’s a sweet thing that i had on my teenager-time. XD
well, we’re broke up already. but thank God that we’re still friends. i mean best friends. he’s one of my precious friend ever.
thank God that i have him on my life. =D


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