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Apr. 21st, 2017

tegomisa: (aiba-ken)
Good Evening.

This is me, who still having God-knows-how-long break from a life as an OL.
It's been (almost) 3 months since my resignation and I'm still in 50-50 mode to enjoy my life, also trying to look out for a new job at the same time. I called it like a 'detox' holiday. lol.

Lived a life as an OL in the past 3 years had been so tough, no matter how much i tried to enjoy my job and play harder after the office-hour, my body started to remind me. To be honest, it's more like a hard slap in my face. No matter how hard I tried not to skip any meals, motivated my self, trying to have an healthy diet, when it comes to a stressed mind...your body would tumble sooner or later.

Well, count it as a lie if I didn't feel anxious at all.
There's a time when I doubted my choices to leave all my job and wondering what would be happened if I stay.
But once again, I believe that God leads me to the best way He'd planned no matter what my decision would be.

I'm going to gain more energy, more positivity,
I'll live my life happier than ever!


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