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I decided to translate the opening until the 1st part of Tokyo Live 24.00 which is broadcasted live from Tokyo Tower in April 09, 2014 aired on TV Tokyo at 12 AM JST. English and Japanese are not my 1st language, so pardon for the mistranslation that you may find here and there. (^^;)a
Anyway, just enjoy MC Aiba's randomness! XD ♥

Aiba: Today’s topic will talk about [Woman’s Worry]. Every woman with worries out there, let’s worries together!! ← lol wth XD
Nanana: We’re going to have opening now.
Aiba: Ah, opening ne? Let’s get started!


*Opening started, while Aiba and Nanana keep talking unconsciously ‘Eh, it’s started already?’ XD*

A: Good night everyone~! Thanks for your hard work today. It’s started already ne, the live broadcast.
N: Aiba-kun, are you alright?
A: Umm…Can I tell you my reflection for last week’s episode?
N: Okay okay
A: Well, as Arashi, we have done so many times live broadcast. But you know, I thought that “it won’t be alright if I trust this one to Sho-chan?”, and as you know that staffs did countdown for the duration until the show ended and they tell “you got n-minutes left!” but they did the countdown with hand gestures and tell nothing!
So I was like “Eh, how many minutes left? Eh, what sign?” and of course I got confused. That’s what I want to reflect.


N: But Aiba-kun, we all also have reflection.
A: Eh, What’s that?
N: It’s actually staffs’ mistake, would you like to check out behind?
A: (Looked back)
N: It’s in the monitor. It says ‘Still in the preparation-mode’. (The LCD monitor was still covered with cue card) We forgot about it.
A: Oi, what the heck? (laughs)
N: We’re sorry! We decided to tell you about it so, sorry! (^^;)a
A: Did you do it by yourself, staff? Isn’t this awful? (laughing staffs)


N: This is an excuse but Aiba-kun went to set and the show was started so the cue card was already there for almost 30 minutes but everyone kept silent about it.
A: But you know, the set is like I’m in home with this outfit and I even use my socks in half like usual since I waited to enter the set.
N: So you don’t take them off?
A: Nope, it feels good to wear it half like this. With this look I always watch Tokyo Live each episode.


N: Really? Each episode in week?
A: I watched them. Hosting alone felt so lonely!
N: I see. But from the rumor we heard, Aiba-kun became a fan of Tokyo Live already.
A: You’re right. And from yesterday’s episode with Matsu-nii…Did he have too much punch? (laughing staffs) especially about yesterday’s talk. Was that okay? I thought.
N: Well, we got to admit that it was a bit spicy.
A: Right? But well, he’s cool after all. And at the end he winked!
N: Go ahead.
A: Umm…Matsu-nii can wink naturally. Then, can I also try to do it too? Yesterday, what was that…when he solve the worry, but maybe when he listened to the female’s voice with manly gestures like this and then “I don’t hate about it though” (followed by a wink), he did something like that! The fact that he did it naturally was awesome! He’s so cool!


N: Aiba-san, let me confirm you about this. Matsuoka-san will get mad!
A: No no no, this is bad! (laughs) Matsu-nii, I’m really sorry if you’re watching! But I really think he’s so cool when he winked! I can just cry now.

Nanana explained about the help-system’s renewal they got for last week with Okubo-san (female comedian) related with the worry-solving, from one card divided into four cards and suddenly asked about what are another Arashi members’ opinions related with this show. Aiba said they told him nothing about this show and made an excuse that Arashi’s currently too busy. (lol)

And finally he opened the show with a failed-wink! XDD


Okay, let’s go directly to the viewer’s mail! The 1st one was from Fuutan-san (25 y.o.), She continuously worrying about marriage. She is currently dating for 6 years with a kind guy whom treasured his family so much and he proposed her, while her ikemen-ex-boyfriend suddenly comes again to her life and she got to admit that she still has a feeling for him. So she is currently worrying about to marry someone she has passion to or the guy who will able to guarantee her future.

A: So, should we call her now?
N: Let’s call her!
A: Somehow I’m not confident with this. (laughing staffs)
N: Just call her and say “Fuutan-san, it’s me!”
A: Is she watching? Okay, let’s call her. But isn’t this situation so difficult? Well…choosing to marry someone whom always in your heart or someone you’re dating right—oh, she pick the phone! Hello, Good evening!
Fuutan-san: Hello.
A: It’s Arashi’s Aiba Masaki.
F: Oh, Good evening.
A: Fuutan-san, this is Tokyo Live 24.00 by the way.
F: Okay.
A: Are you watching now?
F: Yes, I’m watching it right now.


A: Thanks for watching. I want to ask about the problem you have here. You are now dating with a guy for 6 years already then suddenly your ex come again to your life. What was the reason you broke up with the ex, firstly? Did he cheat on you?
F: Well, we’ve been separating since three years ago actually.
A: Eh?! Wait a second. Three years ago? But you’re dating with this certain guy for six years.
F: So while I’m dating with this guy for these six years, I broke up with my ex three years ago.
A: Ex…Eh? Umm…Eh? Sorry, sorry, I don’t get what you mean. (Aiba got confused and unconsciously scratched his head, lol)


N: Sorry to say, but he’s kind of incapable to do simple calculation. (laughing staffs)
A: So you’re dating with this guy for these six years, but you broke up with the ex three years ago, right?
F: Right, and as expected, I love the guy I’m dating with now more since he treasures me like his own family.
A: You love him but he dumped you?
F: No no no, It’s not like that!
N: Fuutan-san, I know it’s hard for you to explain about this to Aiba-kun and longer time will be needed but do your best! Nanana support you! (lol)
A: That’s okay then, let’s continue this! (laughs) But Fuutan-san, even though you broke up already with your ex but at the end you’re still in love with him?
F: Right, and actually we keep contacting to each other all these time and he asked to meet me actually but I think that it’ll be better to cherish my current relationship right now. That’s why we’re just contacting to each other.
A: Eh, so when Fuutan-san took a break with your current boyfriend, you dated the ex. And then you broke up with him, then you’re back with your current boyfriend?
F: Right.
N: This one is like a back-and-forth-pattern isn’t it? (everyone laughs)
A: Is there another reason why you choose to be with this certain guy? Like he has better condition financially or something else…
F: Well yes, that’s true. While my ex is a freeter (person who does impermanent job) until now.
A: Hoo….Hoo…but in the other side your ex is ikemen, right? Can you explain how ikemen is he?


F: He’s like a combination of Sakurai Sho and Mukai Osamu.
A: EH?! Combination of Sakurai Sho….and Mukai Osamu. Are you sure? Let me ask you something, have you seen 18 y.o. Sakurai Sho in a close distance? (laughing staffs)
N: Actually we have a special condition today, the picture of Fuutan-san’s ex boyfriend will be shown only for Aiba-san. (staff brought a tab, shown to Aiba).


A: Eeeeeeh….is this the combination of Sakurai Sho and Mukai Osamu? But if you ask me whether he looks similar to Sho or not… but this guy is ikemen indeed. He’s still young, isn’t he? Looks like Mukai-kun or Sakurai-kun…well, he looks like them a bit (everyone laughs). But anyway, can I tell you something? This is just for example, actually.
F: Okay.
A: For example, Fuuta-san with the current boyfriend and the ex go to the pool together. You guys entered the pool and somehow both of the guys got cramped on their foot. They suddenly can’t swim so to which side you’d swim to help?
F: Eeeeeh…I’ll swim on the middle. (everyone laughs)
N: By the way Aiba-san, is that weird situation can be happened?
A: Well, that’s a good choice though. (laughing staffs) So should we go the answer’s options now?
F: The first option is to marry my current boyfriend, since he treasures me like his own family and I feel secure with him or maybe since I have a feeling toward my ex, I should follow my heart to love him.
A: Only that? You don’t need more option? (laughing staffs)
F: Umm…I think that’s enough.
A: How should I say this, It’s all about money and love, isn’t it?
F: Right…
A: But money is a thing to use, right? Not a thing that will use you. There’s a something that I thought about this, being calculative is okay but even though you have no money, it’s all about the happiness. Whether you realize about the presence of happiness or not, right? It’s a ll about how you support to each other. For me, it’s all that I got while listening to this problem. By the way, may I change the topic a bit?
F: Okay.
A: Fuutan-san, Did somebody tell you that you looks similar to someone lately?
F: Lately people told that I look like Nakamura Aoi (actress).
A: Looks like Nakamura Aoi. I see…Anyway have you been thinking about the reality of marriage? Because if you’re not really thinking about it, wouldn’t it be risky enough to do?
F: You’re right…

So it’s decided that the viewers were provided with 3 options to choose; the blue one is to move forward and marry the current boyfriend, the red is to follow your heart and choose the ex (these two are Fuutan-san’s answer), while green is to think once again about the marriage (this one is Aiba’s answer). 30 seconds provided to choose which one is the best answer in viewer’s opinion by pushing blue, red, or green button on the tv’s remote control (only for digital broadcast user in Japan) and the viewers also can do it via Line at @tokyolive.
As the result, 78% of the 49,214 respondents chose Aiba’s answer to think once again about the marriage!


A: Well, at the end it’s not about which one to choose. It’s about how to calmly sit, think, and talk about this problem thoroughly. How do you think about the result, accept or not?
F: Umm…Better for me to think about this properly, maybe.
A: I got it. So, it’s more like the problem is fairly solved, right? (means like the answer is not so satisfying)
F: Yeah, fairly solved. (laughing staffs)
A: (bitter laugh)



Watching this show makes me realize that Aiba-chan we know all these time, whom mostly loves to fool around and throws idiotic comments anytime, actually has a hidden-mature-side regarding to the solutions he proposed (both from last week and this week's episodes and his answers are unexpectedly wise!) to the mail-sender...even though he would randomly change the topic and makes everyone lol-ing in his usual way sometimes. XDD
It's really fun to watch this show! \(^o^)/

Anyway, thanks for reading! As usual, comments are ♥!
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