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Title: Aselgeia
Pairing: Sakuraiba
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, PWP
Word Count: 536
Note: A fic to welcome Miracle Boy's 31st birthday! 3 days left!
Unbeta-ed. Sorry for the grammatical errors! (^^;)v

“I told you it’s not a good idea to do it here…”

The taller guy was still in the middle of contemplating the possible consequences that he’s (or they’re) going to receive once they get caught later, but the sudden touch on his back, dangerously close to his bottom sent him further to the edge of his insanity. He felt the moist of the other’s hot breath on his neck; plump lips opened and barely grazed his burning skin.

“Don’t you want this too?”
“But, ah--not now…”
“You sure?”

He sensed playful and proud tone on the other guy’s whisper. And why the room temperatures become so hot in a sudden? He thought. Masaki was going to push the guy away but the unexpected nibble in his earlobe and a pressure (with some rolls) of his hips were great enough to make him lost his mind.


Masaki hated to see that smirk on his face. No longer time needed for Sho to start to undress his whimpering lover, despite the fact they’re trapped in a cramped space and limited time. He even didn’t know where he got the nerve to commit such an indecent thing come from, but he had to admit that it aroused him more.

“No, don’t…”

His lover’s heavy breath was surely irresistible. Sho couldn’t help to tease him again, as the other’s trouser was already pooled down to the ankle he gave a light squeeze to his lover’s hardened member that was still wrapped inside the briefs. Masaki gasped and bit his lower lip, tried so hard to hold himself but it seemed that his attempts were going to be failed.

“Want me to stop now?”

What kind of question is that, bastard?! The taller guy cursed in his mind for such an annoying tease he got. His hardened length was terribly aching that time and the way his lover lapped his left nipple had made it worsen. A rough palm that kneaded Masaki’s butt-cheek went to the previous position and slipped to the waistband of his underwear. The younger guy couldn’t help rolling his eyes and nipped his own fingers to suppress his moan.

“Fuck, Sho…ngh…”

Fingers ghostly touched his already leaking hardness, too soft just like a feather ran down over the visible vein on the length. Looking at his lover’s face, Masaki found his lover’s warm tongue eagerly continued to lap to the other nipple with slight hum. Sho stared back at his eyes, darkened and full of lust, trailed his wetted lips to meet his lover’s swollen lips again. Soon the touches on Masaki’s groin turned firmer and faster as their kisses went wilder; tongues overlapped messily, teeth clashes, the slick noise of saliva and bruised lips reflected their carnal desire.
Rapid moves on his erection tensed him up and he could even see the stars in closed-eyes while his cum’s released on Sho’s palm. Masaki pulled away from the connected lips, took a deep breath as he looked back into his lover’s eyes and said something unexpected.

“Payback time.”

Later on, he could only hear Sho’s loud groan as he went down and took him fully in his mouth. With a devilish smile as the bonus.


Thanks for reading! ♪
As usual; claps, critiques, and comments are ♥

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