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Title: Surprise Surprise
Pairing: Aiba Masaki x Matsumoto Jun
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 918
Note: A fic to welcome Miracle Boy's 31st birthday! 5 days left!
Unbeta-ed. Sorry for the grammatical errors! (^^;)v

It’s not a new thing for Masaki’s youngest bandmate to get mad at him. He knew well that he’s qualified enough to be a self-proclaimed-burden-of-the-group, even though Sho-chan said that he dances way better than the newscaster and Leader assured him that it’s normal to have some mistakes, but Matsujun’s madness at him that time was slightly harsher than usual, to the point that Masaki didn’t have courage to look at him directly and apologize properly.
“Well…well…look what you’ve done, Chiba-kun!”
The second youngest in the group patted his shoulder firmly right after he saw Matsujun called off the dance lesson in a sudden. He walked away from his bandmate, gritted-teeth and piercing-glare in his marble eyes.
“Yabai…” He realized that he just made anything went worse. Close already to the last spurt of Arashi’s job for the year-end yet Masaki’s still unable to perform the choreo flawlessly. “Don’t mind, we still have another hours and few days to catch up. You can do this!” But still, another pat on the shoulder from Sho-chan and Leader couldn’t heal the sharp sting of disappointment inside of his heart.  He decided to go home and check the choreo’s DVD right after he arrives later. Masaki promised to himself that he’s not going to take a rest until he manages to dance perfectly.


After some minutes of driving and few calls of schedule-reminder from his manager, Masaki let out a deep sigh of relieve as he went out from his parked-car toward the house. He’s home but that night would be another tough night of private dance practice. Walking from the garage to the entrance door of the house, he sensed something weird. Masaki didn’t remember that he already switch on the veranda’s light since he went out quite early that morning so there’s no need to do it. He felt a loud thump in his heart.
“No…way. I must be forgotten to switch off the light since last night. Yeah.” A nervous smile appeared on his face as a vivid imagination of brutal-robber-and-killer was having a feast inside the house and ready to gut him once he tries to fight back popped out.
As he plugged the key and grip the door knob to open, Masaki heard sound of rustled things inside. Astonished with the findings, he decided to go back to his car and grabbed something as self-defense-tool. Regretting that he didn’t bring his baseball bat along in the car, he picked an umbrella with him since he thought that it would be useful enough. That night was so cold yet an intruder on his house was able to make him sweating in nervous like a pig.
“Okay, Aiba Masaki. Be brave and go!”


Masaki did his best to walk in a tip-toe once he succeeded to enter his house silently. He put off the shoes slowly in the genkan and quickly noticed the noise was getting louder. Does it come from his bedroom? kitchen? His thought was never off from the worst possibility he would get as the further he explored the house. He was getting ready to face the intruder; Masaki’s sweaty palms gripped tightly to the folded umbrella as he swung it hard twice for practice just like a passionate batsman on the field.
“Go, Masaki. Don’t be afraid.”
He went immediately to the kitchen to get closer to the source of the noises, silently counted down in 3.
He heard a familiar noise of rustled pan.
Was that a smell of something burnt?

Wait a second.
It’s not a brutal-robber-and killer or someone dangerous who wanted to gut him alive. It’s just Matsujun who just yelled at him in surprise, wearing his favorite apron and got spatula in his right hand.
“GOD! I thought that there’s a robbe-wait, how did you manage to enter to my house?”
His bandmate answered the question with a breathy laugh, and Masaki got to admit that it skipped his heart a bit.
“Put down your weapon first, won’t you?”
Masaki felt that he really needs to dig a deep hole and bury himself immediately, thanks to that embarrassing moment.
“W-what’s this? And why, Jun?”
An unclear mumble came up from him and Masaki couldn’t help to grin at that sight.
“I-I thought you would like some surprises?”
Surprise? What for? The older man blinked few times as he watched Matsujun went to accomplish his paused-surprise-preparation for him.

“I knew that I failed to surprise you this time, and for God sake I already bribed Nino to lend me the spare-key of your house for a reasonable amount yet I’m still a no-good…”
Masaki smiled in surprise at the-unstoppable-babbler who came closer with a plate in his hands. A big-oval-one with three kinds of pasta (Spaghetti alla Napoletana, Penne Carbonara, and what was that…Cappelini in Jajamen-style?!) and a green-little-candle on the center.
“Happy birthday, Aiba Masaki.”
He looked again on his wristwatch, Masaki just realized that it’s 12.12 AM already and the date shown was 12.24. How could he forget his own birthday?
Matsujun frowned as he heard a sob from the older guy.
“Don’t cry you idiot!”
He smacked Masaki’s head playfully and started to cry along with him. A chaste kiss landed on his lips in a sudden.

“See…you’re crying too!”
“Just shut up and eat!”
“I hate you!”
“I love you too, Jun-pon!”


Thanks for reading! ♪
As usual; claps, critiques, and comments are ♥

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