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Title: Take and Give
Pairing: Aiba Masaki x OC
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Fluff, AU
Word Count: 1377
Note: Unbeta-ed. Sorry for the grammatical errors! (^^;)v

People said that love is about take and give­. There’s also a saying that love is about how to accept your partner sincerely, just the way he or she is. But for her, love is just a piece of fairytale. Hayashi Maika lives for her dream; to reach her high-expectation both in study and career is in her top list of priority. She worked so hard to enroll then graduate from a prestigious university and she did it, also she finally got a place to work in an international firm she’s been dreamt of on her college-era. For her, love would be a nuisance to achieve the goals. It’s not like she don’t want to try to date some guys though, but she knew that the relationship won’t be everlasting like that one on the movie. ‘Happily ever after’ is just a myth.
She never expected that she would be ended to have a steady relationship with a guy someday, regarding to her self-centered and over-independent personality as a woman. And she also never expected to enter her second year with this certain guy, which is a total opposite of her. Screw about love means ‘take and give’, Maika felt that it is near to a hundred percent ‘give’ only when she’s with him; the only guy who was rudely misread her name as ‘Umeba’ and keep calling her ‘Ume-chan’ as he please until today. There’s a time she would ask to herself why she chose to spend her extra time (the prime is mainly for work, work, and work) to take care of this bubbly, a-bit-irrational, happy-go-lucky, and carefree guy. And she finally she agrees that love is as irrational as her boyfriend.


It’s a bit cold for one autumn night, that time. She decided to grab some food and do the paperwork at the same time because it would be too boring to do the assignment alone on her dorm as usual; with a laptop inside of her dull-and-old-fashioned backpack, she entered a nearby family restaurant. 11 PM already, she just checked her beloved wristwatch and looked over the place to find a nice spot to sit. “Welcome!” Maika startled with a loud voice and big smile that had just greeted her. Too loud and too high-tensioned for this hour, she thought. “Geez, you freaked me out.” Hearing her complain, the waiter bowed apologize her in a clumsy manner. Maika unconsciously read the words written on his name tag; Aiba Masaki. Judging from the face that she never saw before and nervousness sensed here and there, he might be a newcomer on this place.  “M-mind if I take your order now, Ma’am?” Maika saw a trembling hand holding into the pen and order-notebook, the waiter almost dropped them though. She did his best to hold her laugh and gave the order. “French toast, Fettuccine Carbonara, and Black Coffee please.” She smiled to the waiter, silently hoping that he would calm a bit and do his best on the job.


“I’m afraid that I couldn’t make it on time, tonight.” Maika continued to do her work paper and held the smartphone with a help from her right shoulder. She could hear a disappointed sigh clearly from it and really felt bad about it. “I’m sorry…” she stopped to type and grasped the phone, wishing that his boyfriend would understand about the piled up data that needed to be reported soon or she is going to stay over in the office at the end of the year. “No, Ume-chan, I’m sorry. It’s my fault to ask you right now. It’s November already and everything must be tough, ne? I’ll just tell them about that. Don’t worry!” The reassuring laugh her boyfriend gave her just made everything went worse.  “You sure? It’s okay if I should take a leave earlier tonight. ” Maika could feel the sincere smile of him when he said her name sweetly. “Don’t worry about it, Ume-chan. Just do your best at work and I’ll be waiting for you at home. I love you.”


The waiter gave another refill for her black coffee. It had been her fourth, if he’s not mistaken. Masaki scrunched his eyebrows as he looked into the customer sadly. Well, he knew nothing about the young lady’s problem with her works, her school assignments he assumed, but at least he wanted her to take a break while. He admitted that he had been keeping eye on her since the first minute she came and it had been three hours; she never stops typing and staring on her laptop seriously from her glasses, even she forgot to finish the ordered foods and continuously sipping to the coffee just to stay awake. He decided to go back to the counter and do something for his first customer.
“Enjoy your drink, Ma’am.” Masaki served a medium glass of hot milk with sprinkles of cinnamon powder on it for her. The customer looked at him in confuse and try to say something back at him but the waiter cut it shortly after. “I-I know, you didn’t order this one, right? But the barista told me to deliver this to you. It’s his treat, h-he said.” She stared blankly at his hot milk and thanked the waiter. As Masaki went back to the counter he took time at least to take a peek at her reaction.
And he didn’t expect to see the young lady did her best not to cry while gulping into the hot milk. All that he could give is just a glass of hot milk and a piece of paper with ‘Do you best!’ written on it, along with the stupid-looked-emoticons he drew. Masaki was glad that at least he was able to give something to his customer; he needed to hold his tears and also to hold his urge not to run to the young lady and hug her immediately.


“I’m home…” Maika took off her shoes lazily and left it away on the genkan lazily, it’s almost 11 PM already and she needed to take a rest so bad. “Masaki? Anybody home?” She got no answer. Maybe he’s not coming home yet from his parents’ house, they supposed to have dinner there to celebrate his dad’s birthday but her works screwed everything. Maika threw her bag on the couch, straightly went to her bedroom, and got shocked as she found her boyfriend standing in front of her right after she opened the door; Masaki screamed in the most unmanly way and so did her. “Damn, Masaki!” he let out his breathy laugh as his girlfriend smacked playfully to his chest and pulled her into a warm hug. “I thought that you’re going to stay over at your parents’ house…” Maika took a deep breath and snuggled into his boyfriend’s warm embrace, his smell is strangely calms her down. “Nah, I promised you that I would stay at home, didn’t I? Mom and Dad even told me to go back immediately for you.” Masaki combed his fingers to fix his girlfriend bangs neatly. “Oh my God, did they say so? I’m the worst.” He looked at Maika and smiled to reassure her, light kisses were given to her face as if he told her that it’s fine. “I-I just prepared a warm bath…m-mind to join?” She stared at Masaki flushed face dearly. Maika realized how lucky she is to have such a kind boyfriend all these years. She continued to snuggle to his boyfriend’s chest and started to sob. “You don’t like it? W-well, I’m sorry…” Masaki didn’t know how to do with Maika’s sudden cry but the girlfriend explained it shortly after. “No, I don’t mind. I’m just…too tired, I guess.” She could feel the tighter the hug Masaki gave to him. “Don’t keep the burden by yourself. I will always be your side to support you.”
And that’s all what Maika wanted to hear. He’s the one that she has been waiting for.
“Hot milk with cinnamon sprinkles. Would you mind to make it for me? I miss to drink it so much.” His boyfriend stared back at her, surprised. “How did you find out?” Maika answered his boyfriend curiosity with an insatiable kiss.


Long time no write a fic! ...and 1st time for me to write Arashi X OC fic.
RL is killing me; thesis, assignments, and mid-term exam... ;___;
and this is the only one i could did in the middle of the hectic-life, while imagining there would be my own 'masaki' who will save my life soon. lol XDD
anyway, thanks for reading!
comments, critiques, or claps would be great. ^^v

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