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Title: Bizarre True Love
Pairing: Sakuraiba, of course.
Genre: AU, Romance, Fluff, a bit Angst
Word Count: 1108
Summary: Sakurai Sho is just a normal salary man who has a boring life, full of hectic from his job, and he's no good at all with animal. Then all of his traits of animal-hater were gone in one cold and rainy night right after he met a lonely stray dog and decided to take him home as a pet named Ma-kun, yet he found that his new pet turned into a guy in the following morning. And his bizarre-new-life with Ma-kun, his human-pet, is started.
Note: Unbeta-ed. Sorry for the grammatical errors! (^^;)v
Previous Part of The Story:
Bizarre Bath-Time
Bizarre Pain
Bizarre First Love

It supposed to be heart-shaped-cookies but Ma-kun always made it weird. Actually it doesn’t matter how weird the cookies looks like since I really love the taste. I’m not good with sweet or cookies but this one fits my taste perfectly. I wonder how he could create such a memorable taste of choco-peanut cookies and I was always asking him about that yet he answered it calmly,

“It’s a taste of love, master. I always think about you every time I bake the cookies.”

And now I feel like my heart got crushed badly. This time, the cookies tasted slightly bitter than the usual. Is it because he put the cocoa powder too much…or his love goes bitter since I’d hurt Ma-kun’s heart too much?

The more I munch the cookies, the more I feel the pain in my heart. I don’t believe that I could be this stupid, and I finally make a promise to my self that I don’t want to become stupider than this time. I run outside in a hurry to find my Ma-kun and try to seek for a clue about his favorite places; maybe he’s hiding there right now.


“Ma-kun, how about take a rest today?”
“Yeah, take a rest. You don’t have to cook a dinner today. Let’s eat outside!”
“But master, it’s a waste of money! You said before that we spent a lot already for last month,”

I could feel he pouted while he talked like on a phone. I wonder how cute he would be with his pouting face, and then suddenly a little smile lingered on my face.

“Come on, it’s been a while since we ate an extravagant dinner! I’ll treat any food that you want!”
“Yup! Anything. Well…I’ll pick you at 8, kay? See you later!”

I hung up the phone and looked at the clock on my office’s white wall instantly. It’s 7.10 PM already and I had another 20 minutes to finish my work and also another 30 minutes to go home.


I’m running like there will be no tomorrow. If I won’t be able to see Ma-kun’s smile anymore, it will be the end of my world for sure. I just can’t imagine how I could face the day without Ma-kun’s warm hug and cheerful voice when he woke me up every morning, Ma-kun’s chirping about having a chat with the neighbors or playing along with their pet, the way he hummed a song sweetly even he just heard it from TV…and his sweet kiss that always greet me after I came home from such a exhausting work.

No, I’m not ready yet to live my life without him.


“Here? Are you serious?!”
“Ma-kun, I’m even willing to treat you yakiniku! But why do you only choose convenience store’s bento and pudding?”
“I don’t mind with them. I like bento and caramel pudding from convenience store! It’s way cheaper than yakiniku anyway!”

Ma-kun smiled sincerely at me. Honestly I’m happy that my pet has turned into such an obedient one compared to the time I found him for the first time, yet he didn’t need to be this stupid. I sighed and replied his smile with a confuse look in my face.

“You don’t need to hold yourself too much. I know you love yakiniku and I’m going to treat you. It’s a gift from me since you helped me a lot all these time. Let me thank you properly.”
“No, master. I’m not holding my self…”
“Then why you refuse?”

He lowered his sight into the ground and drew some little random patterns with the point of his shoes.

“I just…”

I hold his cold hands tightly and tried to understand the puzzled look on his face.

“I don’t need an extravagant dinner, master. A simple dinner with convenience store’s bento in the park’s bench will be more than perfect…as long as I’m able to spend my time longer with you.”

I didn’t need to think twice to pull his face closer to mine and kiss him immediately. The kiss tasted like a sweet vanilla; pure, innocent, and I felt like there are so many butterflies fluttered on my stomach. We broke the kiss just to catch a breath and looked to each other’s blushing face and gave some shy smiles. Ma-kun tangled his fingers tighter to mine and continued to steal two or three kisses with a sunny smile and some little giggles.

That night, we finally had convenience store’s karaage bento and caramel pudding on park’s bench since Ma-kun loves them too much…and ended up soaking because suddenly rain poured so hard.


Aimless and hopeless. That are the only things I feel after running for almost an hour around my neighborhood and found no any signs about Ma-kun’s presence. And it’s been a long time since I cried with a deep pain in my heart like this.

If I could turn back the time, I won’t waste Ma-kun’s love for me anymore.
What if I realize about my true feeling about him earlier…
What if I have courage to tell how much I love him and I don’t want to lose him…
What if I give more of my time just to cherish every second with him…
What if…

I feel a raindrop fall to my nose, and then suddenly rain starts to pour hard. Things are just getting harder now and I have to find him as soon as possible. I try to gather all my memories once again about the places we’ve been coming to all these time. I close my eyes and let my heart tells me where should I go to find him.

Night on a summer.
Heavy rain.
Warmness of tangled fingers.

“The park.”

I open my eyes and immediately run with all my might.
God, if I’m fated to share my life with him forever, I promise that I’ll never lose him anymore.
And here I am, standing in front of a big tree next to the bench where we shared a simple-yet-dinner with full of love.
Finally I found him.

“Is that you, master? Tell me if I’m dreaming…”
“No, you’re not.”

I hold his freezing-palm and hug him tight just like I’m going to lose him again if I release it. Ma-kun looks to my eyes and smiles; he releases his hands from my grip and wipes the raindrops on my face gently.

“I’m not dreaming. You really came for me…”

I came for you and I’m not going to let you go anymore, Ma-kun. So let me seal this promise with a kiss.

Thanks for reading!
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