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Title: Bizarre First Love
Pairing: Sakuraiba, of course.
Genre: AU, Romance, Angst
Word Count: 865
Note: Sorry for the grammatical errors! (^^;)v
Previous Part of The Story:
Bizarre Bath-Time
Bizarre Pain

I thought that I would die that time, but a savior came to rescue me.
I was just a helpless puppy and terribly injured when I met him for the first time. He picked me up from the street right after he saw me accidentally got hit by a car. I clearly remembered how loud his voice when he yelled in panic and ran into me. I broke my front legs and blood gushed almost in every part of my body but he didn’t hesitate to bring me away from the street with his arm.

“Hang on, little buddy…Please…”

I heard a rapid increasing on his heartbeat. He continued to hug me tight and told me that I would be just fine. That was the scariest moment I’ve ever had in my life. I couldn’t stop my body that was shaking unconsciously after a great shock that I got.

“Hush…Don’t be afraid. You’ll be just fine.”

I looked at my savior’s face sadly and gave him a little whine just to tell him that I’m not ready yet to die. He looked back at me with his warm smile on his full lips and sincere eye to calm me down.
I knew that I was on the right hand. Even though he brought me to the place where I’d never been there before, I felt that he’s the one that I could trust my life with.

“Hang on…Everyone here will save your life, little buddy.”

I opened my eyes once again just to see his smile for the last time. I owe him my life and I promised to find him right after I healed from that injury. I kept his presence in my memory and I would never forget that fresh scent and warm love that I got from him.

I managed my self to run from animal shelter 7 years later. Finally I found my freedom and that was the right time to fulfill my promise. I decided to search him, my savior.

The weather wasn’t fine that night and I ended up getting soaked because of heavy rain. I thought that it wouldn’t be bad to take shelter under a random building’s roof. Since I was deadly tired and fell asleep when I heard weird noises around; someone was kicking empty cans around the trash bin. The kicks were getting harder; I gave him a light bite on his trousers since the sound irritated me until I got him screamed looked at me that snuggled randomly around his leg.

“The heck...you freaked me out!”

My tension was completely down right after he yelled to me. I looked at him with my puzzled face, and then snuggled again on his leg.

“Hey, ahahah...It tickles!”

Even it was for a short time, I really enjoyed every minutes I spent to play with him. Suddenly he realized that rain had stopped pouring and it’s time for us to say goodbye.

“Look...it’s not raining anymore now. I gotta go home. Bye, stray dog! It’s fun to play with you.”

He smiled and scratched my head again. I barked and licked his hand, and soon my cheerful face that I just shown turned into a lonely sob right after he left me.

He continued to walk home and left me behind, while I decided to follow him. Then suddenly he realized about it after he heard a sound followed him and it got closer. It’s a sound of very little steps in quite fast but steady rhythm. He ran in panic, and then fell to the ground after he knew that the ankle part of his trousers was gripped and pulled back by my teeth.

“Please, don’t leave me…”

I said another poor-little-voice and also went closer to him. He sat face to face with me, nuzzled his nose to my face. I smelled a familiar scent that I’ve been longing for all these time. I tried so hard to regain my memories.

It’s him. I finally found my savior after 7 years of waiting.

“Don’t worry, i know what it feels like. I’m just the same like you. A loner.”

I nuzzled back to him and licked the raindrops on his face. He simply laughed and scratched again on my neck. He found my leather collar with an ‘M’ letter written on it.

“M? M...Ma-kun! How about it? What if i call you Ma-kun start from now?”

I barked out loud cheerfully and licked his face again.

“Yosh, yosh, good boy. Ma-kun, let’s go home! It’s too cold in here. Come follow me!”


And now here I am, sitting under the tree while hugging into my knees alone in a dark night, waiting for the rain to stop. Deep down in my heart I’m still wishing that my master would try to find me and bring me back home with him soon, but my brain just told me not to ever think about it anymore.
I think I’m going to cry with all my might until I fall asleep, wake up in the next morning and find that this is just a nightmare. I hate my self for being in love too much with him.

End of drabble!
thanks for reading, comments and critics are ♥
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