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Title: Bizarre Pain
Pairing: Sakuraiba, of course.
Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance, a bit Angst
Word Count: 543
Note: Side story of Bizarre and Bizarre Bath-Time, just a slice of Sho and Ma-kun's life. Unbeta-ed. Sorry for the grammatical errors! (^^;)v

Dear Master Sho,
I never forget how bright your smile was, when I made this kind of cookie for the first time and you munched on it happily.
I don’t know how hard your life’s lately, but I hope that everything will be okay.
Sorry for being such a nuisance and big burden all these time.
Thank you for everything.

I find a box of choco-peanut cookie and a bittersweet message’s written in a piece of small paper.  Please, don’t tell me that…


“Master, okaeri!” I ran happily to greet him home; I’d missed him too much that day. He used to wake me up just to say ‘ittekimasu!’ and give me my good morning kiss, but I didn’t know why he turned into a bit cold person lately. I tried to calm my self and think positively; maybe things didn’t go well at his work and he’s just too tired.


That’s all? Where’s my usual hug and peck on my cheek?
I decided to take my first move to hug him from behind, yet he grabbed my arm and released himself from it.

“Not now, Ma-kun. I think I wanna take some rest.”
“How about dinner? I’d made your favorite pasta! Wait, I’ll warm it….”
“I had my dinner already, no need to worry about me.”

Master ignored me and went straight to his room.
Doesn’t he need me anymore?
Why did I feel suffocated and an unbearable pain in my chest that time?


I clearly remember how bubbly his tension was. Ma-kun couldn’t stop humming a love song he heard from chocolate’s CM on TV while mixing dough with his bare hands. He put a bowl of chopped peanuts on the dough and mixed it all again happily.

“Yup! Master said that he likes choco-cookies a lot!”
“With peanut?”
“Yup! I thought that they will be a yummy-combi!”
“I’m looking forward to taste it…”

I hugged his slim waist from behind and put some light kisses on his nape. I could feel the way he gasped and shivered under my touch, but I also knew that he actually enjoyed it. Ma-kun continued to hum his favorite love song with a sincere smile and started to shape the dough into little pieces of heart and put them on the baking pan.


He’s way different from Master Sho that I’ve known all these time. I thought that he would be back after everything gets better, but I’m wrong.
He’s changed.
He hates me that much.
Better if I leave him now since I’m no longer needed in this house.
But at least I should do something for the last time, to thank him.
And to tell how much I love him.


I’m so sorry, Master… I love you.

That's what I read as the last line of the message. Now I realize how stupid I am. I thought that it’s merely a pointless emotion but I was wrong. I decided to stay away a bit from Ma-kun because I was afraid to admit that I’m in love with him…and now this is what I get.
I don’t want to regret anything in my life.
I have to find him…and tell that he means everything for me.

End of drabble!
Thanks for reading, comments and critics are ♥
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