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Title: Choco Fondue
Pairing: Sakuraiba, of course. XD
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fluff, smut
Word Count: 1476

Note: this is my 1st time to write nc-thingy and it's unbeta-ed. sorry for the grammatical mistakes. (^^;)v
p.s.: based on a crazy convo with [livejournal.com profile] kazunyan83 and [livejournal.com profile] lovu_lovu_aiba on twitter, right after we read a tweet about Masaki's new house. or should we call it as Sakuraiba's new love-nest? fufufufufu~ 8DD

Bigger house means bigger kitchen for Aiba Masaki, and he would be able to do any food-experiments there freely as much as he wants. That's one of the reasons why he chose to a bigger house in Minato Ward. And bigger kitchen also means bigger chance to have a lovey-dovey-time with Sho there, just like what he saw on his favorite romantic movie all these time. He's been dreaming those scenes to become true and he feels that it's worth to pay a large sum of money for this house. And now, he just need a perfect moment and perfect plan to make it happen.
"What are you smiling at, you look creepy..."
End of daydreaming. Sho splashed the water on his face while making fun of him.
"Mou, Sho-chan....so cruel!"
Masaki pouts and takes revenge by putting some foam on Sho's nose. He almost forgets that they're in middle of washing the dishes after lunch.
"Hey! Masaki, you're such a bad kid!"
Another water splashed and sound of laughs. It's been a while since their last day-off and having a relax-time at home, so Masaki thinks that today is a perfect day to run the plan.


"Snack ti~me!!"
Masaki jumps around the table while singing a weird song about today's snack to wake Sho that already fallen asleep for 10 minutes on their dining table. He got tired only because of washing a few plates, glasses, and cooking utensils? How come? Masaki thinks and sighs in disappointment.
"Sho-chan....Sho-chan....wake up~"
Masaki put the snacks on his dining table, he whispers and blows some air on Sho's left ear. As expected, Sho-chan isn't that easy to be woken.
A sleepy kiss landed on Masaki's lips. Sho smiles and gives another sweet kisses on Masaki's lips and tip of nose.
"Have I told you before that your blushing face is so irresistible?"
He got another pout from his lovely Masaki, who tries to release himself from Sho's sudden embrace and babbling randomly about his effort to prepare the snacks.
"I-I made choco fondue! You said that it's been a long time to have this one and you love it so much, ne? Oh, I forgot the forks!"
While waiting for Masaki to come back to the table with their forks, Sho dips his finger on a small bowl of molten chocolate then licks it.
It must be tasted great on Masaki.
He smiles at his own imagination while keeps licking the trace of molten chocolate on his finger, and he doesn’t realize at all that Masaki watches him silently with a smirk on his face.
“Here’s your fork!”
 He taps Sho's shoulder and makes him awake from a naughty imagination, Sho got startled and jerks his body a bit.
"What? Did i just interrupt your fun time?"
"N-no, not at all! Geez, I've been missing to have choco fondue! Itadakima~su!"
While Sho is busy with his choco fondue, Masaki picks a piece of banana and peels it slowly in front of him. He dips the head of the fruit deeply on the molten chocolate’s bowl and let it dripping a bit on his finger. Masaki licks his finger and fixating his eyes to Sho, whose face is already as red as boiled shrimp.
“Why d-don’t you cut the banana into a small pieces? I-It will be easier to eat….Masaki,”
“No need to cut. This one is more enjoyable than usual,”
Masaki continues to lick and suck the head of chocolate-dipped-banana, also make sure that he creates so many slurping sounds and moans as erotic as he can and giggles innocently to Sho.
“Unh….God, Ah….This banana is so delicious.”
Sho starts to breathe heavily and imagining that the banana on Masaki’s mouth is his cock, enjoying such an arousing view in front of him.
“Sho-chan….you dropped your strawberry.”
“Your. Strawbery.”
Suddenly he looks at his fork; only some traces of molten chocolate left and the strawberry he picked before is already on the floor. Sho laughs and calmly throws the fork randomly on the floor. Now his laugh is already changed into a devilish smirk.
“Forget about the strawberry. Let’s have some fun.”


Sho grabs Masaki’s waist in a sudden movement and he is already sit on Sho’s lap. They sharing kisses, started from a sweet vanilla into the spicy one. Masaki opens his mouth slowly, letting Sho’s tongue enters his cavern while he sucks Sho’s lower lip, keep nibbling and teasing until they’re gone breathless. Sho breaks the kiss to catch some air, his heartbeat increases rapidly because of Masaki’s unstoppable touches. Masaki smiles, pulling Sho’s face closer to his and showering him with sensual wet kisses on his eyes, tip of nose, cheeks, jaw-line, also making an experimental way of sucking and slightly biting Sho’s earlobe while grinding their crotches until he find that Sho is fully hard now.
“Masaki…..ugh….could you please….clear the table?”
Knowing that Masaki is too occupied to palm his hard cock, Sho gets rid of anything on the table randomly. He doesn’t care about some plates that already broken and scattered on the floor, since he is too busy to lift Masaki from his lap and lay him on the table, attacking his neck with kisses and bites while undressing him slowly.
“Fuck….just rip it, Sho!”
“Why so impatient, Masaki-chan….”
Masaki let out his moans loud and shamelessly right when he feels Sho’s hand is teasing his clothed-hard-cock now, rubbing and squeezing it gently. Masaki’s body is getting hot just by some light touches from Sho’s tongue on his body, especially when Sho finally get rid all of his t-shirt and teasing his collarbone and nipples with his mouth.
“Sho….just do me…now,”
“Sorry, sweety….I can’t hear you,”
Sho continues to kiss, lick, and give a light bite to Masaki’s nipples and he decided to pour the molten chocolate to Masaki’s upper body. Masaki moans from the new sensation he feels on his skin; a slightly cold molten chocolate smeared on his body and suddenly it’s changed by a warm touch of Sho’s tongue which licking the trace of chocolate from upper to lower part of Masaki’s chest while he tries to undress himself.
“Hush, baby…calm down,”
And finally Sho pulls Masaki’s underwear and throws it somewhere, continues to smear more chocolate on Masaki’s hard cock that already leaked with the pre-cum. He massages it gently then licks the head slowly, just like what Masaki did with the banana before.
“As I thought, the molten chocolate tastes great on you…”
Masaki arches his neck and shut his eyes, enjoying the pleasure that Sho’s cavern gives to his hard cock. Once he tries to open his eyes and see what Sho’s doing with his hardness, their eyes meeting to each other and he gets aroused so much to see Sho hollows his cheek and bobs his head up and down slowly to treat Masaki’s hard cock.
“Sho….I can’t hold it anymore, please….now…”
Knowing that Masaki is almost on his peak already, he let out Masaki’s cock from his mouth and holds it with his hand firmly. Sho undresses himself fully and quickly, and positioning his body carefully above Masaki’s. Sho lubes his hard cock with the molten chocolate remains on the bowl and slowly thrusting Masaki without any preparation. Masaki cries because of the sudden pain and pleasure he couldn’t explain at all.
“Ssssh…look at me, Masaki. Don’t cry…”
“I’m sorry, baby. I’ll make the pain gone,”
Sho gives a lot kisses to Masaki’s face while he thrusts to him with a slow and steady pace. After he knew that Masaki’s body is getting used to it, he set a faster pace step by step, while listening to Masaki’s moans that are getting louder and more vocal than before.
“Sho….f-faster, please! Ah!”
“Fuck….Masaki, so tight….”
“Ah! There! There! Faster…”
Finally he found the right spot. Masaki cries louder and dig his nails deeper to Sho’s skin, tightening their connected bodies and trying to match the rhythm Sho use for them. Sho continues to give a proper handjob for Masaki’s cock and thrusting his own cock to Masaki’s hole in a same fast pace. He feels that he’s almost on his climax, and so does Masaki. After a few hard thrust, some messy wet kisses, loud moans and cries, also squeezes on Masaki’s cock, finally both of them come hard and messing the dining table that already tilting some degrees from its first position.
None of them wanted to release each other from such a tight hug. They keep looking at each other eye in a full bliss, whispering ‘I love you’ and keep sharing sweet kisses to decrease the pain; even it is deadly pleasurable and addictive.

“Sho…..the chocolate…”
“Any remains?”
“Yes…but not too much. Why?”
“Good. My turn now, Sho.”

End of story! \\(^o^)//
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