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Title: Bizarre Bath-Time
Pairing: Sakuraiba
Genre: Fluff, Romance (?)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 775
Summary: Side story of Bizarre, just a slice of Sho and Ma-kun's life.
Note: Unbeta-ed. Sorry for the grammatical mistakes! (^^;)v

“Ma-kun, where are you?”
I’m already on my third time looking for my pet hiding on my house. Once I told him that today would be a bath time, he’s immediately avoiding me like I am a dangerous kidnapper, since yesterday.
“Ma-kun….come on, shower is fun! I’ve prepared all of your favorite toys!”
No reply, as expected. I thought the one who hates to be bathed is only cat, but the fact is my dog really hates to do it. Well, actually my pet is used to be a dog. Until a weird night happened and I don’t even know how come he turned into…human? It’s still a mystery for me.
“Ma-kun….geez, just take a bath now or there’ll be no snacks after dinner!”
Wardrobe! He must be hiding on my wardrobe like when I forced him to take a bath two days ago. For God’s sake, he isn’t a dog anymore yet still behaving like a stray one, do whatever he likes and never give a concern about his look.
I open my wardrobe harshly and say “Gotcha!” out loud. I find nothing but clothes putted messily on it. Gotta take care of it later, after I find Ma-kun and drag him to the bathroom.


I should admit that Ma-kun is smarter than me, since I ended up sprawling on my couch exhaustedly after looking for him for almost an hour. Where the heck does he hid actually? Okay, he got a skill for hiding but I’m definitely not going to lose. I get up from my previous position and ready to continue this game, but….
Gotcha. I hear that, Ma-kun. Game Over.
So he’s hiding under my couch all these time, huh?


“No, no, no, please no bath! Master....”
“Geez, Ma-kun! It’s been two days since you took your last bath! And look, I’ve prepared all so you’ll enjoy your bath time.”
As usual, another quarrel happens. I show him my bathtub which already filled with bubbly-soapy water, some rubber ducks in different size, and another kind of toys. Who am I actually, a father that in the middle of persuading his 4 years old kids to take a bath properly?
Ma-kun is currently sulking and he knows for sure that his sulking face is one of my weaknesses.

“Master, please….I will do anything but no bath.”

Uh-oh, please don’t put that sad face. I sense that he’s going to cry in a few seconds.

“….fine. You’ll do anything I say, right?”
“Yes, master!”
“Yes, anything you want!”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, master…”

I take a breath as deep as I can. How am I suppose to tell him about this matter?

“Okay, strip. Now.”

He doesn’t do anything, looking sad on the floor. I pull him closer, my left hand caressing his back while my right hand wiping a small bead of tears on the corner of his eyes. What I’ve done to this kid? I think. Then he retreats from my touch, slowly undressing himself. I immediately turn around, hiding and fanning my face. Is the temperature getting hot here?

“Done. Master, what should I do after this?”

Actually, my plan was to push him straight to the bathtub right after his clothes are gone but it’s failed since I can not concentrate to do it at all. Suddenly I hear him giggling shyly, and finally my plan finds its worst ending.
I’m drowning in my own bathtub with all of those bubbly-soapy water and stupid toys, while clothes are still on my body.


I was going to mad at him, seriously. But he completely shut me up by joining on the bathtub and kissing my lips sweetly. The kiss was plain vanilla at first but it turns into a spicy one right after he opens his mouth to deepen the kiss and I unconsciously pull his body way closer than I ever did before. He grinds his body toward mine slowly while making some experimental way of kissing and I hate to admit that I’m really enjoying his treat. I swear that my bathroom’s temperature is seriously hot until I get dizzy like this. Finally he breaks our kiss, catching some air while smiling innocently to me.

“Ma-kun, what was that?”

He smiles and gives my lips some butterfly kisses.

“Master, I’m just copying what I saw on your TV yesterday!”

Okay, don’t tell me that he watched that. My DVD. I should hide it somewhere or he’s going to copy something more ‘dangerous’ than what just happened. Taking care of a pet is indeed harder than what I thought.

End of drabble! XD
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