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Title: Bizarre
Pairing: Sakuraiba
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff, Romance (?)
Word count: 1234 words
Note: Unbeta-ed. Sorry for the grammatical mistakes, since this is my 1st arashi-fanfic. (^^)v

I have to admit that i hate animals. Well, it’s simply because I’m not good with them at all. Every time i try to approach them in nicest way that i could do, it will be ended bad; whether i got barked, bitten, and more i lost my trust toward them.

Then all of these traits of animal-hater were gone in one cold and rainy night.

I was so tired of my daily routine that day; work overtime, got scolded by my annoying boss, and facing noisy co-workers in my office. And the weather wasn’t fine too. I had to get soaked because of heavy rain and i even forgot to bring an umbrella.

“Damn, worst day ever!” i mumbled my frustration along the way home, and decided to stop in front of convenience store’s wall to take shelter under its roof. I also tried to release my anger by kicking some empty cans around the trash bin. The kicks were getting harder, until i felt something weird touched the back of my knee. I simply reacted, screamed in the most unmanly way and looked around my leg.

“The heck...you freaked me out!”

That’s what i shouted to him, a random stray dog. Actually he’s kind of too pity to be a stray dog, since he’s a good breed of golden retriever. Then me and this dog stared to each other for few seconds, until he let out his poorest face and tiny voice of whine. It looked like his tension was completely down right after i yelled to him.

“Fine then...I’m sorry, kay?”

I did my best to give my apologetic smile to that stray dog. He looked at me with his puzzled face, then snuggled again on my leg.

“Hey, ahahah...It tickles!”

I laughed and instantly scratched his head. He raised his head quickly, i panicked and put my hands higher because i thought that he got annoyed and going to bite me soon, but i was wrong. He continued to snuggle again on my leg.

When my mind was too occupied with that stray dog’s cuteness, i almost forgot that rain had stopped pouring since few minutes before and it’s late enough for me to go home.

“Look...it’s not raining anymore now. I gotta go home. Bye, stray dog! It’s fun to play with you.”

I smiled and scratched his head again. He barked and licked my hand, and soon his cheerful face that he just shown turned into a lonely sob right after i left him. Poor dog, i thought. What a stupid person who abandoned such a cute and good dog like him.

I continue to walk home while loosened up  my necktie with a calm mind. Then suddenly i heard a weird sound followed me and it got closer. It’s a sound of very little steps in quite fast but steady rhythm. I immediately ran in panic, then fell to the ground after i knew that the ankle part of my trousers was gripped and pulled back by something. What are more pathetic than being lied with my face down to the ground and rain started to pour again at the same time?

I cursed and looked into my back. It’s him again. The stray dog i just met and left few minutes before. He looked straight to my eyes sadly with a pair of his brown eyes, like trying to tell me not to leave him. It felt like he already tired of being abandoned thing for such a long time and willing to give his anything just to be loved again. Poor, hopeless, and so lonely. I’ve never saw such a lonely eyes like his, then i got up and went closer to him. He said another poor-little-voice and also came closer to me. I sat face to face with him, nuzzled my nose to his face.

“Don’t worry, i know what it feels like. I’m just the same like you. A loner.”

He nuzzled back to me and licked the raindrops on my face. I simply laughed and scratched again on his neck. I found a worn-out leather collar with its faded-brownish color, an ‘M’ letter written on it.

“M? M...Ma-kun! How about it? What if i call you Ma-kun start from now?”

He barked out loud cheerfully and licked my face again.

“Yosh, yosh, good boy. Ma-kun, let’s go home! It’s too cold in here. Come follow me!”


My body was terribly ached in the next morning. Of course it could be happened, since i fell asleep in a hard floor of my living room, only with sweat pants in my body. I also heard a little sound of TV, it seemed like i forgot to turn it off the night before. My left arm felt numb and so heavy, but it had a strange warmness that i really love. I instantly smiled of ticklish-feeling on my cheek, then rolled my position to the left and found my self hugged something warm.

I rubbed my eyes and silently inhaled a pleasant air; it smelled sweet and warm. With my half-closed-eyes, i enjoyed the coziness that found after a long time. But suddenly my brain told me that there’s something strange happened. I cleared my mind once again and try to feel what my right palm touched that time.

It’s like a bare skin, human’s bare skin. I closed my eyes again and traced the surface from top to probably-middle-part of something that i touched. It felt like touching someone’s back. I furrowed my eyebrows, i also felt a warm breath and hair on my face. Then i immediately opened my eyes widely and found a pair of sleepy-brown-eyes looked back at me. That’s a weird dream, i thought. I tried to gain more consciousness and finally realized that it’s not a dream.

I clearly saw a guy’s face, with brown eyes and dark-blonde hair quite messed on his forehead looked back at me confusedly. His face was only around ten centimeters away from mine and the weight of his neck and shoulder on my arm. I also felt his leg tangled on mine, and the worst of all these weirdness was the fact that he’s naked.

I jumped from my previous position and ended up accidentally hit my right hand to one of my couch’s leg and also hit the back of the guy’s head. He also got freaked out and looked into my facial expressions intensely, like trying to read what’s on my mind. I was too shocked and tried to say something but the result were only some stumbled words came from my mouth and a jaw-drop. He tilted his head to the left, gave me a simple sign that i wasn’t the only one who got confused with that situation. I tried so hard to remember once again what happened the night before and scratched the back of my head in frustration, but then it’s all gone after i noticed some familiar things on that guy.

A pair of brown eyes that I’d seen before, his body scent which was similar to my shower gel mixed with his own scent...and something on his neck. A worn-out leather collar with its faded-brownish color. There’s an M letter written on it.

“No, this is must be joking.” I whispered to my self.


There’s an awkward silence between me and him.

“Yes, master?”

End of the fic.
Thanks for reading!
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